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Coming Spring 2024: SensorySparks Maracas

Light up your child’s world with SensorySparks Maracas, our first sensory toy that’s designed for play, learning, and discovery!

Immerse your little ones in a multi sensory experience like no other. Our SensorySparks Maracas are designed to engage young explorers aged birth to 4 years old. With every shake, they emit a soft rattle and a glow of colour that changes, bringing delight to your child’s playtime and fostering coordination and musical exploration.

But that’s not all – our maracas are built with sync technology, allowing them to light up in the same colour when shaken together. Imagine the fun and connection this will bring to your child’s play sessions!

In keeping with our commitment to inclusivity and safety, SensorySparks Maracas are crafted from non-toxic, child-friendly materials. We’ve also designed them with care to ensure that they’re safe for all children, including those who are sensitive to light changes.

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